With tandem and progressive stamping, be it manual or automated, it has mechanical press machines ranging from 30 to 1300 tonnes. CO2 and spot welding processes utilise both manual and robotic applications for body in white applications, and one of our highlights is spot welding for high tensile and coated materials. Known as a one-stop stamping centre, the 300 tonne medium blanking line completes the requirements.

  • Manual Tandem press (small & medium press lines: 30 tonnes – 1300 tonnes)
  • Interpress Robot System (medium press lines: 300 tonnes – 800 tonnes)
  • Progressive stamping (250 tonnes)
  • Automated Blanking & Shearing (up to 300 tonnes)
  • Roll Forming
  • Fiber Laser Cutting
Medium Large mechanical type press for 800T and 1300T tandem processes. The head press is of link-motion to optimize drawing capability.

Roll Forming machine for 250T sheet metal bending.

Interpress Robot System