Our Research & Development centre has the expertise to produce tooling design in 2D/3D such as small/medium dies, jigs for loose/assembly, idle stage and robot attachment. Our skills also include simulation, surface modelling and 3D CNC machining data. We are able to cater to product size range from 10mm to 2000mm subject to press tonnage requirements for in-house tooling fabrication.

Furthermore, the R&D centre focuses on packaging design, product design and design service too. The tooling design process flow covers feasibility studies, planning, simulation, design phases and CNC machining data in totality.

The intricacies of the R&D centre are as follows:

  • Tooling design (dies, jigs, idle stage & robot attachments)
  • Surface modelling
  • NC machining data
  • Stamping part simulation
  • Packaging design
  • Product Design
  • CAD/CAM/CAE design facilities
Tooling Design
CAD Modelling