Since the early 1990s, PHN has produced small, medium and large dies with normal, advanced and ultra-high strength steel as well as manufacture dies for local OEEs, and also for the export market OEEs in China, Japan and USA.

Flexible CAD/CAM/CAE applications are unique as fully defined geometric surface modelling can be finalised, with the tool paths linked to a fleet of double column CNC machines, which our DNC server ensuring smooth and speedy data transmissions. This enables fine and accurate machining surfaces at higher speeds, resulting in considerable time savings, accurate dies surfaces and better product appearances.

Our dies project management team has proven capability to handle over 300 units of press tool dies for a new Full Model Change (FMC). PHN’s comprehensive ability in providing dies manufacturing solutions has allowed it to spearhead a full range of tooling production, including dies, jigs and fixtures.



Using simulation equipment, such as transfer fingers, we can conduct a series of test mirroring a real live environment for transfers of parts between each dies process, based on actual customer data and press specifications. Our transfer press dies have been manufactured for export to the US, Japan and China.

Our set of skilful team are also capable of doing the following services:

  1. Checking Fixtures
    Using customer data, we can develop highly targeted precision and checking fixtures for all types of dies. Our equipment assist customers in ensuring reliability and quality of dies produced.
  2. Dies Designing
    Using customer data such as part sample or part data, we design tailored specification dies  and CAM data to aid customer’s manufacturing needs.
  3. Machining Works
    Our team of experts aided by multi discipline production lines allows for machining works such as casting and steel block surfacing, drilling, tapping, milling and turning.
  4. Dies Repair
    We provide dies repair and maintenance works for all types of dies.