We are an establishment that is a proud employer to more than 2,400 employees nationwide, and it is our motto to nurture and grow our talents as their commitment and endeavours are intertwined with the success of our business too.

With training that comprises on the job, in-house and external responsibilities, existing employees can also look forward to sponsorships for further studies as well. The DRB Group ensures that its talent management development program meets the modern-day expectations, whilst the comprehensive nature of team building exercises emphasises the importance of unity in the workplace.

There are four main clusters that staff training are focused on. Self-Awareness, Leadership, Functional and Business.

Moreover, employees are offered sponsorships to further their studies at DRB-HICOM UNIVERSITY OF AUTOMOTIVE MALAYSIA (DHUAM). PHN has since sponsored 17 employees for Bachelor Degrees in manufacturing system engineering (in collaboration with LiverpooL John Moore’s University, Diploma in Vehicle Assembly, Diploma in Automotive Management System and Diploma in Procurement Management.

Employees are encouraged to participate in DRB Talent Management initiatives to develop future leaders who are DRB Managerial Development Program (MDP) and DRB Executive Development Program (EDP). Both programmes focus on 3 modules, namely Managing Self, Managing Others and Managing Business.