For PHN, our corporate vision has always been about becoming a leading and trusted global player in our marketplace. While the OEM automotive market remains our core interest, we are looking into expanding into the aerospace and mass rapid transit industry, as part of our non-automotive focus. Furthermore, it is our aim to have a public listing of this company for advancements in the future.

With six operating factories, and two subsidiaries, it is not the time for us to rest on our laurels. In a lot of ways, the name of the game lies in the level of risk that one can contend with.

Our philosophy of enterprise risk management has identified almost twenty different areas of our corporation that can be optimised for extra leverage in the coming years. Expanding into markets like Indonesia and Thailand makes perfect sense for us, as the saturated market in Malaysia continues to pose challenges to all the major players in the current marketplace.

In this day and age, discerning customer expectations require us to rethink and reimagine our company culture. PHN recognises that the IT trends in terms of systems, processes and management protocols could greatly enhance our operations in the future. Harnessing CRM, ERP and SCM technologies will make us incredibly efficient and proactive. As they say, a happy company leads to happy shareholders and ultimately happy customers.

At PHN, we are acutely aware that the future will belong to those who are bold. It is our mission to increase our penetration into the high-value added part supplier marketplace, as the profit margins are considerably more attractive.

Interestingly, PHN is also going to make sure we expand our footprint in the die manufacturing arena with more home-grown initiatives to take advantage of the massive potential in the local marketplace. We will be ramping up investments in automation and R&D, as the future beckons.

Moreover, we are committed towards technological advancements in automation and robotics. This will lead to employees of the future being able to have a better work/life balance and this will thus increase the appeal of our industry to newcomers. For us, engineering is the lifeblood of manufacturing, yet being nimble and agile towards costs and real life scenarios is also equally important.

In conclusion, it’s time for us at PHN to think outside the box and embrace the future whole heartedly. Ultimately, we have all the ingredients in place to ensure we continue to be a force to be reckoned with both locally and internationally.

Yours Sincerely,
Azhar Taib @ Jalal