Business Activities
Metal Stamping and Assembly
Dies Manufacturing
Business Activities

PHN Industry Sdn Bhd specialises in metal parts manufacturing and assembly, with two core business drivers, contributing to a large part of the company’s revenue. A significant chunk is derived from its metal stamping, sub and modular assembly for the automotive industry, while dies manufacturing and exporting contributes a small but growing percentage of the company’s core business activities.

Commercial components manufacturing is a growing business vertical for the company, producing small to medium metal based parts such as air-conditioning metal frame casing for Hitachi.

Apart from being one of the largest metal parts and dies manufacturer in Malaysia, the company has a strong foot mark in international business, with its dies being exported to countries such as China, Japan and the US. 

This resembles a strong testament of high quality output products which not only meet international standards but represents a long term vision to become a leading metal parts and dies manufacturer  in the world.

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