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  » 24 Oct, 2014
LZS Received Zakat on Business from PHN Industry Sdn Bhd
  » 28 Sep, 2014
PROTON Technology Day
  » 12 Sep, 2014
MEMO: PHN STOCKTAKE September 2014
  » 9 Sep, 2014
MEMO: Buffer Stock Requirement P2-30A (PCC)

PHN Industry Sdn Bhd, is a leading manufacturing specialist for metal-based automotive components, and the largest dies manufacturer in Malaysia. Incorporated in October 1990, fundamentally through the best-breed of technologies from Malaysia and Japan, alongside national car maker Proton Bhd and Mitsubishi Corporation, PHN Industry Sdn Bhd is actively involved in the production of medium-to-large automotive components for car makers Proton, Perodua, Toyota and Honda.                                                          | more

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our strive for excellence and passion for innovation is second to none...
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Since its started operation, PHN has been rewarded with various awards by the customers for its best service and quality products.
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